Policies & Tuition

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Attendance will be monitored. What you get out of something is determined by what you put into it. Absenteeism will only slow down your dancer's progress. We are very interested in developing your dancer's talents to their fullest potential. Attendance is expected at each scheduled class. Part of a student's attendance is being on time. Dance students are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class to properly stretch and warm up so as to prevent any unnecessary injuries. If a student arrives more than 10 minutes after the start of the class, the instructor may have him/her sit, observe, and not participate in class. Showcase participation requires consistent attendance.

Student Absence/Make-up Policy

We understand that everyone is very busy these days. We have tried to accommodate all make ups but as our class sizes grow we need to make sure make up classes are handled uniformly. If a student misses a class due to illness or conflict, the parent must contact the studio to record the absence. Make-up classes are to be completed at the student's level or below and must be scheduled in advance by filling out the online Make-up Class Form, 24 hours before you would like to attend for make up. Please make you receive a reply that the class you wish to use has availability. Make up classes will be assign on a first come first serve baisis. Click Here for link to make up cass Form All missed classes must be made up within 2 weeks of the missed class. Make-up Classes CANNOT be rescheduled. There is a limit of 2 make-up classes per semester and there is no carry-over of make-ups between the semesters.

Weather Closing Policy

In the event of inclement weather and/or poor road conditions, classes may be canceled for the safety of our students. When Millard &/or Omaha Public Schools are closed due to weather, Heartland Conservatory of Dance will also be closed. If inclement weather falls on a weekend, HCD will not follow Millard closings, but will send out an email to let families know how to proceed. Please call the Conservatory to hear a current message or visit the website http://www.hcdomaha.com to receive the current message due to the weather. HCD does not credit, refund, or pro-rate tuition for classes canceled due to inclement weather.

Student Pick-up

Out of courtesy for our teachers, students must be picked up promptly following class or rehearsal. The studio will close promptly 5 minutes after the end of the last class. After 2 instances of students being picked up more than 10 minutes after the last class ends, you will be billed $1 per minute. Additionally, your student will not be permitted to participate in class or rehearsals until this fee is paid. Students are not permitted to exit the building unattended or stand outside waiting for their rides. For safety reasons, parents must come inside the Conservatory and pick up their dancers.


The Dance Program at Heartland Conservatory of Dance Culminates in the end of the year showcase. The showcase participation fee is $80 per family and an additional fee for the cost of each student's costume(s).

Family Discounts

Family rates are available to families from the same household with more than one child attending classes. The family discount is 10% for each additional student enrolled. Family rates only apply to students under the enrolled in the Conservatory Programs (Homesschool, single class and adult class rates are excluded). 

Returned Check Policy

There is a $35 charge for returned checks or Auto withdrawals.

Tuition/Late Fees

Payments are split into 9 installments or 2 installments, due on the 15th of the month. A late fee of $15 will be charged if payment is not received by the 20th of the month.


Tuition is non-refundable except in the case of serious illness or injury as verified by a doctor's letter or due to relocation.


In the unlikely event that a student needs to withdraw early from the session, a Class Drop Form must be completed to close the account and prevent further billing. The Conservatory requires two weeks notice prior to the effective date of the withdrawal. A student's absenteeism does not affect tuition payment. The account will only be closed with a completed Class Drop Form and will go into effect two weeks from the date received based upon the number of weeks remaining in the session.   


Annual 15.00 Registration fee

Day time classes are per class fee and are posted on our website next to each class.

Evening & Weekend Pre-school and Beginning Ballet classes are per class fee. Students can attend one class per week for 50.00 per month or two classes per week for 80.00 per month.

For Ballet I - Ballet V and corresponding Fees are based on the number of class hours taken per week and 32 weeks of Classes per School Year. Tuition may be paid in 9 monthly installments, 2 half year installments for a 5% discount or Paid In Full for a 10% discount.

Class Time Per week

9 Installments


2 Installments Paid In Full
1 Hour $75.75 $323.83 $613.58
up to 1.5 hours $108.25 $462.77 $876.83
2.00 hours $130.00 $555.75 $1,053.00
2.5 hours $151.50 $647.66 $1,227.15
3.0 hours $173.00 $739.58 $1,401.30
3.5 hours $195.50 $835.76 $1,583.55
4.0 hours $216.50 $925.54 $1,753.65
4.5 hours $232.50 $993.94 $1,883.25
5.0 hours $248.75 $1,063.41 $2,014.88
5.5 hours $265.00 $1,132.88 $2,146.50
6.0 hours $281.25 $1,202.34 $2,278.13
6.5 hours $292.00 $1,248.30 $2,365.20
7.0 hours $300.00 $1,282.50 $2,430.00
8.0 hours $313.75 $1,340.81 $2,540.48
9.0 hours $324.50 $1,387.24 $2,628.45
10.0 hours $330.00 $1,410.75 $2,673.00
11.0 hours $335.50 $1,434.26 $2,717.55
Unlimited $341.25 $1,458.84 $2,764.13
The Conservatory knows that certain family circumstances require special tuition arrangements. Please contact Rachel, rachel@hcd.dance, for a confidential discussion about your needs.