2019 Annual School Showcase

2018-19 Showcase Performance Dates: May 10 & May 11

PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS FOR INFORMATION ON TICKETS, the link to purchase tickets is: www.tututix.com/HCDance

Friday, May 10 Subject to change

4:15 Ballet I Check-In (Arrive in leotard, tights, hair & make up)

4:30-6 All Ballet I (Space & Run)

5:30 Ballet II Check-In (Arrive in leotard, tights, hair & make up)

5:45-7 All Ballet II (Space & Run)

6:30 Ballet III Check-In (Arrive in leotard, tights, hair & make up)

7-7:45 Ballet III (Space & Run)

7:25 Ballet IV & V Check-In (Arrive in leotard, tights, hair & make up)

7:40-8:45 Ballet IV & V (Space & Run)

Saturday, May 11: Subject to change

Performances at 2:00pm & 6:00pm

****Boys Dance, Preschool Ballet & Beginning Ballet will perform at the 2:00 only 

9:15 Check-In Bailey's Morning Tap Classes, Sarah's Tap 2 & Advanced Tap, Bailey's Morning Jazz & Lauren's 2/3 & Advanced Contemporary

9:30-11 Space & Run Bailey's Morning Tap Classes, Sarah's Tap 2 & Advanced Tap, Bailey's Morning Jazz & Lauren's 2/3 & Advanced Contemporary

10:30 Check-In Sarah's Tap 1, Sarah's Jazz 1, Sarah's Musical Theater

11-12 Space & Run Sarah's Tap 1, Sarah's Jazz 1, Sarah's Musical Theater

11:45 Check-In Pre-School Ballet & Beginning Ballet

12-1:30 Space & Run Pre-School Ballet & Beginning Ballet

1:15 Check in all Ballet 1-5 students 

* 1:30 Pre-School Ballet & Beginning Ballet Pick up your child in the lobby to sit with you for the Act I.

* At Intermission, bring your Pre-School & Beginning Ballet dancers to the designated side of the stage and they will spend the rest of the performance back stage. Please do not give us child's bags & clothes. Dancers should already be dressed in costume, shoes, makeup & hair.

1:15 Check-In Boys Dance

1:30 Space & Run Boys Dance

Boys Dance be brought to the designated side of the stage at Intermission to meet with a parent to watch the rest of the show.

What is showcase?

Showcase is optional. However, our goal is to give dancers the opportunity to exhibit their skills and provide as professional a stage setting as possible under the direction of instructors who are professionals themselves. The reward of being involved is a phenomenal highlight for their year of hard work. Performing promotes teamwork, confidence and poise. Showcase is a professional, safe enviorment for them to share thier growth with friends and family.

Act I: All Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater & Boys Dance

Intermission: Boys pick up & Pre-School/Beginning Ballet drop off

Act II: All Pre-School, Beginning Ballet, Ballet I-V

Rehearsals at THEATER

  • Prepare your child in their hair, make-up and 1 st costume according to the schedule
  • Make sure your child warms up and has a good meal prior to the show
  • All Dancers must arrive at Marian Theater at time of check-in 
  • Shoes & tights are the responsibility of the dancer and are not included with the costume
  • Make-up should be applied. Earth tone eye shadow (NO Blue), black mascara, blush & red lipstick. PLEASE WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEO! (Ballet 3 & Under) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIqu_lrMwhU , (Ballet IV & Up) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92FBBA5dMtA
  • Hair should be in a high bun and secure. No Bangs. If the costume has a headpiece that does not wrap around the bun, it should go on the right side. PLEASE WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEO! (Thick Hair) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfk6ssFhPss , (Child Thinner Hair) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu5hotXsNg​
  • Dancers should remove all nail polish
  • Jewelry is not to be worn. Please leave all valuables at home.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium
  • No food and drink is to be brought into the dressing rooms
  • No Flash Photography is allowed at any time. It could be hazardous to the dancers
  • Parents are not allowed in the auditorium for rehearsals & dress rehearsal.
  • Dancers will be assigned a dressing room. Parents should remain in the lobby of the theater until their dancer is finished. Please let your dancer know that you will drop them off and return to pick them up. We will have staff supervising the students.
  • Dancers with multiple costumes should wear a tan leotard under their costume to allow for quick changes
  • Dancers, in the final act, will be invited back on stage at the end of the show to take a final bow and celebrate. 

It is very important to attend all scheduled rehearsals in order for each child to feel comfortable in their costumes and on the stage. A missed rehearsal could result in the dancer being removed from the showcase piece. Good attendance is required to participate in the Showcase.

Shoes and Tights
All shoes and tights should be clean and free of any rips, tears, runs or stains. Please see dress code for required tights and shoes.

Commonly Asked Recital Questions: Heartland Conservatory

Where is showcase?

Theater Dress rehearsal and showcase are at Marian High School Theater. 


Do I have to go to dress rehearsal?

Yes, all students participating in recital must be at dress rehearsal. This is an opportunity for your student to become comfortable with the stage. There also may be last minute instructions that can only be addressed at dress rehearsal.


What is check-in?

Check in is the time that you are your student is required to be in the building at the check in table. Your student will then be taken back to the dressing room area.


Where do I pick up the flowers that I ordered for my child?

Flowers will be available for pick up one hour before both 2 & 6 PM performances in the lobby.


What does my child need when arriving at the theater?

All Students must arrive at the theater with hair and make-up done. Pink tights and shoes must be worn with all costumes and kids should arrive underdressed in these clothes. If it is warm outside, costumes may be worn into the theater. 

If your child is in both performances, you WILL WANT TO pack food and a drink for them to eat inbetween shows. 

*For security reasons, we would like you to keep your child with us between shows. That does not mean that you can't visit them, just that we are trying to make it simple for us in a very busy time. 


All theater rehearsals are in costume!!!


Can I watch the dress rehearsals from the audience?

No, we want to keep the children focused and on task. Parents & siblings taking photos etc. is too distracting and therefor slows down our process. 


What do I do after I’ve dropped of my child for an onstage rehearsal?

You are welcome to wait in the theater lobby, or come back at the finish time of your child’s rehearsal.


Can I take videos or photographs

This year, 2019, we are providing a professional videographer so there will be NO filming the performance. NO flash photography! It is dangerous to the dancers. Before & after the performance is welcome! You may take photos.


If I’m not backstage, who will help my child change?

There will be a number of assistants back stage to help. Your help backstage is not needed. For the safety of the children, no one except dancers and staff will be allowed backstage. 


Can I take my student out after they perform?

You may check your student out after they perform however for safety purposes they will not be able to check back in. Boys Dance will be checked out at Intermission & PreSchool & Beginning Ballet will be cchecked back in at Intermission . Please remember that our recitals are only about 1 - 1 & 1/2 hours.

Why does everyone attending have to have a ticket?

Due to fire codes, each person must be accounted for and the space cannot exceed its seating capacity.  Each seat holds a value and in order to keep prices down we must charge for each seat regardless of age. Children performing in the show will be provided with a coupon code to enter into our ticket website so that they will be able to sit with their family. 


Should I bring my small child to the performance?

Please be advised that the lights and noise can scare small children and many times parents with little ones spend most of the show in the lobby because it is just too much. Every member of the family is always welcome so if you think your little one will enjoy the show, the more the merrier! If the child will not sit on your lap, a ticket is required.


What if I have a family member who needs wheel chair or walker seating?

When buying your tickets there will be ADA seating available


How many tickets can I buy?

A maximum of 4 tickets will be given to each family. Children performing in the show will be provided with a coupon code to enter into our ticket website so that they will be able to sit with their family. 

Boys Dance is only given 1 ticket, which is reserved for your son to watch Act II. You will have 10 days to purchase additional tickets, after the 10 days we cannot guarantee availability.

After that, tickets will be available for purchase. We cannot guarantee availability. 


Can I buy tickets at the door?

Ticket sales must be made in advance. We are unable to guarantee you a seat.